The Harris County Emergency Corps (HCEC) Communications Center serves fire and EMS agencies throughout Southeast Texas.  Currently the Communications Center serves 11 agencies and dispatches over 69,000 calls a year.

The HCEC Communications Center follows the guidelines from the National Academy for Quality Assurance, and has a dedicated staff to ensure we meet or exceed the National Academy standards. All Communications personnel are certified through the National Academy of Emergency Dispatch in both Emergency Medical and Emergency Fire Dispatch.

Through advanced technology and innovative practices, the HCEC Communications Center has been recognized for making great strides toward regional interoperability, helping to close the communications gap between mutual aid departments and surrounding communication centers.

Dispatchers work 12-hour shifts and utilize GPS to send the nearest available unit to a call. HCEC recently added Purvis Auto Dispatching System in order to reduce the time between call pick up and call dispatch. 

Images supplied for HCEC Brochure for EMS Week 2012

In 2010 a series of upgrades were implemented to the communications center starting with the upgrade of all radio communication systems. HCEC utilizes the Telex console system, which enhances communication capabilities.  The Telex system is adaptable for every agency because its scalable,  IP based, and deployable due to its mobility.  Then in early 2011 the communications center installed the Tritech CAD system.

The Tritech CAD offers the most advanced, state of the art programming in computer aided dispatch available and allows the communications center to deliver efficient and professional dispatch services to the community and its clients.

Our clients include:

  • Harris County Emergency Corps
  • Aldine Fire Department
  • Eastex Fire Department
  • Highlands Fire Department Fire & EMS
  • Manvel EMS
  • Harris County ESD No. 5
  • Huffman Fire Department
  • Crosby Fire Department
  • Westfield Fire Department
  • Atascocita Volunteer Fire Department
  • Northwest Fire Department

The HCEC Communications Center offers one of the most competitive service fee schedules in the region.  There are no initial set-up costs and prices are based on prior year’s call volume. 

HCEC serves as a secondary public safety responder site in Harris County.  Greater Harris County 911 is the administrator of 911 providers for Harris County, supplying the infrastructure for us to receive 911 calls, as well as training on how to utilize their systems.

Greater Harris County 911