About Us

Mission Statement

Professional Service.  Progressive Medicine.  Preserving Lives.

Harris County Emergency Corps is a premier mobile integrated healthcare organization committed to preserving lives through clinical excellence, progressive medicine, and professional service.

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Our Vision for the Future

At Harris County Emergency Corps, we have a vision for the future of our organization.  To reach that vision:

  • We will strive to provide the highest quality mobile integrated health care possible.
  • We will recruit and retain the best and brightest personnel by providing extensive opportunities.
  • We will continually invest in our personnel, fleet, equipment, and infrastructure.
  • We will promote a culture of health, wellness, and safety.
  • We will serve our community by improving the quality of life through education and the community health program.
  • We will remain a CAAS (Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services) accredited organization.
  • We will continually monitor and enhance our current services, as well as look for new growth opportunities for all of the services we offer.

Corps Values

At Harris County Emergency Corps, we believe organizations should execute their mission based on certain fundamental principles.  As a result, we have created a culture that lives by the following core values:

  • Integrity
    • We value honesty in our operations and our relationships with the community, our vendors, and each other.
    • We value compassion for our patients and their loved ones in times of crisis.
    • We say what we do and do what we say.
  • Stewardship
    • We are accountable to the community and to each other to wisely use the resources we are given.
    • We are a valuable corporate citizen and seek to improve the communities we serve.
  • Professionalism
    • We lead by example.
    • We respect our patients, co-workers, and communities.
    • We are accountable for our actions and inactions.
  • Innovation
    • We lead.
    • We set the bar high.
    • We use superior industry knowledge and skill to produce superior outcomes
  • Pride
    • Attitude is contagious. We value a positive one.
    • Teamwork builds cohesion and better results.
    • We are performance oriented.

About Us

Founded in 1927, Harris County Emergency Corps (HCEC) was the first Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agency in the state of Texas.  Today, HCEC is one of the premier EMS agencies in the region and the only Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services accredited agency with headquarters in Houston. HCEC provides EMS in north Houston for Harris County Emergency Services District No. 1.  It’s a service area that covers more than 400,000 people spread across 130 square miles and 12 different zip codes.

HCEC operates 12 front line ambulances and four reserve ambulances with four 24-hour shifts of medics. While responding to more than 20,000 calls a year, HCEC also serves as a regional dispatch center for 17 other fire and EMS agencies.

HCEC’s medical team also provides basic and advanced medicine training for clinicians across the U.S. and local businesses.  The agency also provides event medicine coverage for some of the largest event venues in Houston.


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Available Services

911 EMS Operations | Fire and EMS Communications | Training & Education | Event Medicine


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