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Harris County Emergency Corps

Professional Service. Progressive Medicine. Preserving Lives.

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First Responder Training

Train your team with some of the best paramedics in Houston.

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State-of-the-Art Dispatch

Recent upgrades to our CAD provide us with cutting edge dispatching capabilities.

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Event Medicine

HCEC has over 25 years of experience providing event medicine.

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Young Fleet

We have one of the youngest fleets in the area and we constantly update our fleet with top-of-the-line Frazer ambulances.

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Rich History

Harris County Emergency Corps is one of the oldest EMS agencies in the State of Texas.

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Our Primary Services

911 EMS

HCEC's primary function is to provide EMS 911 response for Harris County Emergency Services District No. 1. We also provide a number of other EMS functions.

Event Medicine

HCEC provides some of the best event medical services in south Texas. For over 25 years, the management team of HCEC has overseen event medical operations exclusively for the largest professional sports stadiums and arenas in Houston and throughout Texas.

Responder Training

Harris County Emergency Corps has begun a robust training program for industries who utilize in-house first responders for medical emergencies.


HCEC not only dispatches calls for service for ourselves, but also 14 other neighboring fire and EMS agencies. Our communications center responds to over 50,000 calls for service annually.

Latest News

Attendant Job Description

Attendant Job Description

A happy reunion 6-months after a brave boy who nearly died after being shot in the heart

In December 2013, Harris County Emergency Corps and Little York Fire Department responded to a gunshot victim. Turns out it was a 7-year old boy who was shot in the heart by a […]

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